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Kelvin Thompson

Kelvin Thompson, Founder

Founder's Message

ReDeving Inc. is a Social Purpose Corporation, with a focus on the environment, formed to assist small to medium sized businesses and organizations to maximize their impact and transform how they are perceived, using Information Design, Media Psychology and Web Strategy.


I’m Kelvin Thompson, Founder and CEO of ReDeving Inc., a retired ex-military software developer with 30 years of I.T., Graphics and Media Psychology.
When I started working with Blockchain Development in 2018, it was with with the IBM Blockchain tech, but I found it clunky and immature. Finding information was a serious pain.

Now the technology is finally hatching, imho, and with
Reach Programming Development
Unstoppable Domains [Referral Link]
for Web3, I get a feeling of satisfaction even this early in the learning game!

The synchronicity of things is, well, cryptic! In harmonic time with our expansion into space, for which I believe this tech is vital and essential.
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